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Just on the outskirts of Mombercelli town lies this lovely house, on a large private plot and with breathtaking views. The house has a fantastic wine cellar. Lots of space for a swimmingpool.

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Houses in Piedmont for sale

Above you will find the current Piedmont properties we have for sale. Why don't you have more houses for sale you may ask? We are not estate agents and only sell our own properties so you won't find a huge selection. The properties we have for sale are owned by us, with the benefits you get from it. We buy interesting and well located stone houses and classic country houses that we can see some potential in. We buy properties that need renovating - some more than others. Then we put them up for sale so a new Danish family can buy their very own Italian dream. A holiday home in Piedmont, Italy..

Security when buying property in Piedmont

Advantages of buying one of our Piedmont houses:
- You buy the property from a Danish family
- Buy directly from the owner and save brokerage fees - typically 3 to 4 % of the sale price
- All legal obstacles are gone
- No neighbours with pre-emptive rights
- No unknown heirs and the like.

When you buy one of our properties you are dealing with a Danish family as the seller, and thus avoid the many potential issues that can arise when buying "the Italian way". We have cleared all inheritances and ensured that all taxes and duties have been paid. We have also ensured that neighbours have waived their pre-emptive rights to the property.In short, we can give you a peace of mind and guide you safely through the purchase of your Italian home.

We recommend that you use a local broker to help you get all the documents in place such as Codice Fiscale and Italian bank account. A buyer's agent will also help you register with the electricity and water authorities, and accompany you to the notary where the deed is signed.

We are based in Loazzolo and work exclusively in a limited area within a radius of up to 30 km from Loazzolo and work mainly with houses in and around the following towns: Canelli, Calamandrana, Castel Boglione, San Marzano Oliveto, Mombercelli, Montabone, Rochetta Palafea, Sessame, Monastero Bormida, Bubbio, Cassinasco, Loazzolo, Santo Stefano Belbo, Cessole, Cortemilia, Acqui Terme, Visone

Stone houses in Piedmont

Which Italian houses can you see for sale on this site? A town house, a ruin in Piedmont, an apartment in the city centre... No, unfortunately not. We only work with original stone houses and classic "farmhouses" and all with a superb location in quiet surroundings and with good views. Since we buy the houses you find on this site, we are of course selective with what we buy, and only go for the absolute best locations, and only the classic Piedmont stone houses that can be brought back to the original look, yet with all the modern amenities you expect from your future Piedmont home.

The process of buying a house in Piemonte when you buy from us:
Before we offer a property for sale we make interior design proposals and sketches, find the property's possibilities e.g. to make a new internal staircase to get a better flow in the house, proposals for merging small rooms, possibilities to open up to a large kitchen living room, windows facing the view, terrace areas facing right for the sun. Where to place a pool etc.Once the property is sold we set up the buyer with our network of craftsmen, geometra and architect, so you as buyers can get well on the way to renovating and remodeling your new Italian house.