About us

Who are we?

We are a Danish couple who bought our first house in Piedmont in 2013 - a decision we have never regretted!

We managed - despite the language barriers - to fix up the house, and in the process also learned to speak Italian.

We sold the house again when we bought another project in the same area. Over the years we have bought, renovated and sold holiday homes in Denmark, and are still doing the same - only now in Italy.

We love the process of finding exciting properties, especially the beautiful Piedmont stone houses that are both well located and reasonably priced, and then getting them fixed up.

However, we have found that it is this process that holds many back from completing the dream of buying a house in Italy. Follow this page to see which houses and projects we find and put up for sale. Maybe there is something for you.

Why buy a house from us?

We are neither estate agents nor building contractors, and have no plans to become either.

For us, it's about the "hunt" for the right house in the right location, and when possible for us, also renovation, so that all the charming original details of the house come into their own, and the house is holiday ready for new owners.

This is a leisure project, so there is no question of large-scale operation and a large selection of houses. When we buy a property, we do it with our heart, so this is your chance to find that charming little gem you've been looking for.

Buying from a Danish family means you don't have to worry about the hassle of dealing with an Italian seller. There are often unknown or long-dead heirs among the owners of country properties in Italy, but many other curious things can arise in such a deal. When you buy a property from us we recommend that you use a local estate agent to help you safely through the transaction, and of course deal according to current Italian rules.

The concept

We only deal with one type of project, which are stone houses or well located houses with interesting original details, in the size of about 150-200 m2 and selling prices in the level of €350.000-€600.000

The process for us is: purchase -> renovation -> possibly furnishing -> sale

The process for you: purchase -> move in and enjoy your vacation.

When we are finished with a project, the house is renovated and ready to move in when it is put up for sale. This way you save the work of renovation and can see the house and all its charm before you buy. There are therefore no surprises and you know the exact price. So there are no unknowns before you are left with the finished result - your very own Italian dream holiday home.Sometimes, however, it is also possible to buy the property before it is renovated, and then do that part yourself.

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