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The dream of buying a house in Italy

Do you also have - like so many other families - "The Italian Dream"? The dream of buying your own house in Italy. A stone house in the true rustic and classic Italian look that we associate with a holiday home in Italy. So have a look around this site, and drop us a line if you find a house that could become your future Italian holiday home..

The Italian stone houses

If you have a vision of a house in Italy, the thought and dream is often one of the beautiful stone houses, and it is precisely these old stone houses and the classic country houses that we have a great passion for. When we buy a property it is always with a unique location, and a great view. It can be a view of the vineyards, and it can be a view of the Alps.

Difference between buying a house in Italy and in Denmark

There is a crucial difference between the way you buy a house in Italy and the way you buy a house in Denmark. It is important to know that the same property can be for sale with several Italian estate agents. In addition, in Italy - as in many other places in the world - there are both buyers' and sellers' agents, and both buyer and seller pay a fee in a transaction. The seller's agent receives a fee from the seller, and the buyer's agent receives a fee from the buyer. If you get mixed up in viewing the same property with several brokers, you may face the problem of paying fees to several brokers. Therefore, you should first find a buyer's agent through whom all enquiries are made.

Check all these facts carefully before you go house hunting in Italy.

How to buy a house in Italy as a foreigner

As an EU citizen, you can easily buy a home in Italy. Apart from a bag of money, it doesn't actually require that much and is not quite as complicated as many people fear.Firstly, you need a Codice Fiscale to buy an Italian property. Secondly, you need to have a bank account in an Italian bank. Learning the language isn't a bad idea either, as you're sure to face some challenges as many Italians don't speak English.

If you buy one of our Piedmont properties you can be safe all the way. You are dealing with us as the owner of the property and are therefore buying directly from the owner. This saves you brokerage fees which are typically somewhere between 3 and 4% of the asking price. All the potential problems that can arise in a property deal with an Italian seller are cleared up by us, so there are no deceased owners, hidden heirs, neighbours with pre-emptive rights etc.

Please contact us if you are interested in hearing more about any of our Italian properties we have for sale on this site.